Peace Of Mind!

Our clients are busy managing their business. Most don't have the time nor the desire to worry about all of the technical stuff that goes into hosting and managing a website. Security & hackers, timely software & plug-in updates, installations, upgrades, licenses, speed & performance, redundancy and back-ups... we monitor and manage it all for you. Expect and receive more from us!

Off-Site Back-Ups
 Daily Back-Ups Recovery Protocols

Dedicated IP - Your Own IP address Reserved For You

Secure - Real-Time Threat Defense & Firewall Plus SSL

Dedicated & Monitored Server Resources

Complete WordPress Management

Wordpress is one of the best and most popular platforms on the web for building websites. Because of this fact, there are constant updates and improvements to the overall platform. Also WordPress sites are a constant target of hackers. If not managed, it is only a matter of time until your site slows down, stops working correctly or gets hacked. Both the core software and the myriad of plugins need to be monitored and updated vigilantly to ensure a Wordpress site remains secure and optimized.
wordpress management service

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

We manage all updates! (WordPress core, theme and plugins). Urgent updates for security reasons are completed immediately. We also provide plugin & theme vulnerability scanning, malware scanning and removal plus back-up and recovery.
Let's Encrypt SSL
swift performance wp cache

High Performance Website Hosting

We offer high performance managed WordPress website hosting for WebStoreSEO clients! WebStoreSEO dedicated servers are Hosted on our private servers at one of the nation's top data centers. With 25 years of experience, security, performance, redundancy, scalability and dedicated resources is what we demand for us. It's also something we demand for, and provide to, our clients. We and our clients operate daily with a huge surplus of available processing power with multiple processors and disk space using solid state drives. Everything is constantly monitored and we can scale even higher as needed. This allows us to provide only the best website hosting to go along with our development services.

Dedicated Resources

Multiple Processors
SSD Drives
Dedicated IP Address
SSL Certificate.
Performance Checks
Daily Backups and Recovery Service.
Brute Force Attack Protection.
High Performance Caching.
Database Optimization.
Up-time Monitoring.
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